What is Proposed-Tfs
Propose-Tfs is a list of tasks that a Task-owner wants the Task-helper to follow while completing the project. every list or propose-tfs must have a subject and a brief description.
Let’s say that the Task-owner already knows the steps or the Taskflow-suggests that the Task-owner wants the Task-helper to follow in completing the project. The Task-owner simply uses Propose-Tfs form to submit the steps or the Taskflow-suggests. The Propose-Tfs that the Task-owner submits are automatically added to the official list of tasks in the project.
Some Task-owners find that Propose-Tfs gives them the ability to have an input as to how their projects get done.
Other Task-owners use Propose-Tfs to introduce new features or work requests into the project after the project has gotten on the way.
The reason why Propose-Tfs is optional is explained as follows:
Most Task-owners trust Task-helpers as the subject matter experts to list out their intent of work in the form of Taskflow-suggest. Task-owners will receive notifications that their Task-helpers have submitted Taskflow-suggests. Task-owners then use one convenient button labeled “Make Taskflow-suggest into Task” to make all the Taskflow-suggests submitted into tasks or approved them so that their projects can continue smoothly without delays.
While Propose-Tfs is optional, it is important to point out its power and usefulness. Propose-Tfs is used by corporate project directors, project managers and others to outline project requirements, features, functionalities, routines and technical specifications. For example, when implementing large scale enterprise systems that normally span multiple projects, Propose-Tfs give them the control they need to manage distribution and integration. In other words, it gives them the ability to delegate precisely all the detailed parts of a big project including the order in which they need to have them executed.
Propose-Tfs can only be submitted by Task-owners. Propose-Tfs are submitted after a project has been created. Thus, there’s a checkbox on the project submission form for Task-owners to indicate whether or not they will be submitting Propose-Tfs for the project. Task-helpers are advised to submit their Taskflow-suggests timely and not to wait for Propose-Tfs even if the checkbox is checked that Propose-Tfs is forthcoming. The reason is because Task-owners do not have a time limit on when to submit Propose-Tfs. So, if a Task-helper were to wait for Propose-Tfs they would risk the time limit to submit their Taskflow-suggest expiring and facing a penalty.
Let’s suppose that a Task-helper is working on Taskflow-suggest and the Task-helper receives a notification that Propose-Tfs has been submitted. Since Propose-Tfs are automatically added to tasks in the project, it means that PHASE I which deals with submitting Taskflow-suggest on time is over and PHASE II or the clock that tracks the time limit to complete and submit the project has started. Thus, the Task-helper needs to start working on the project.