How to create a project
It is easy to create projects.
1) First, make sure you have plenty of remaining tasks. If you don’t, just add funds and we always recommend going with Task Plan #9 so you get $400 credit and 8 free tasks.
2) Now, click on the button +new task to create a new project.
3) You are now on the new project form. Go ahead and enter the subject for your project.
4) Enter the description for your project.
5) Select three important skills you feel are necessary for the Task-helper to have for this project.
6) Enter a website or url for your project.
7) If you want this project to be assigned to a specific Task-helper, you can enter the Task-helper’s usernumber. Let’s say you don’t know their usernumber, you can enter the Task ID to request the same Task-helper who worked on that project.
8) Attach any additional document. Attachment should be either a word or pdf file that’s less than 1 MB in size.
9) Click submit and you are done!